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United Social Sports > Season > Adams Morgan – Summer ’12 – Thursday – Dodgeball
Registration is $60 per player

Additional Details:

Leagues will get 7 weeks of regular games plus a week for the final Tournament. There will also be a kick @#$% End Of Season Party with FREE beer. After each game, head up the street to Town Tavern where we have snagged some great drink ($8 Pitcher ML) and food specials ($5 Burger baskets) for the players. There will also be epic games of flip cup!


Get Ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge your way to the top of the pack!!

Its just like the Dodgeball you remember from your youth. Two co-ed teams square off on the Dodgeball court throwing big rubber balls at each other. Get hit and you’re out. Last team with a standing player wins! Teams must be made up of females and Males.  Each team may play up to 8 players in each Game, with no more than 1 more male than female on the court, with a maximum of 4 men on the court.

Do you have what it takes?

Players have 4 sweet ways get in on the action.

  • Join a Group (People who want to play together, but don’t have the min 8 people needed to field a team)
  • Join a Team (Has the min 8 people, can max out at either 16 players or the Max set by the Team Captain)
  • Join as a Free Agent (Sign up by yourself, to be placed in a group and meet other Awesome People)
  • Create a Group (Choose your Group Name and the Max Number of players you plan on having)


Registered Teams & Stats...