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United Social Sports > Season > Wakefield – Spring ’13 – Weds – Turf Soccer
Registration price is $65. Registration is open April 2nd or until league is full.

Additional Details:

USS VA Spring Soccer is back! We will play at Wakefield High School in Arlington and will feature weekly Wednesday games with an end of season tournament and PARTY! Games will be 22 minute halves and will be played on turf at Wakefield HS.


This League will be separated into a Social & Athletic Division - when you register a group be sure to put into the notes section the level you are most comfortable with!


Teams may not have more than five (5) guys on the field at the same time for 7v7. Two (2) females must be on the field at all times. If you have only 1 girl show up you must take away a guy as well in order to play. That means you will play with 5 on the field. There will NOT be any offsides in this league.


Players will get the usual USS perks of 6-8 weeks of game play, a final tournament, end of season party with FREE BEER, drink specials, player t-shirts, prizes, new friends and a load of other awesome perks.


Want to get in on the fun? Register now and get your team together. Players have 4 sweet ways get in on the action.

  • Join a Group (People who want to play together, but don’t have enough to field a team)
  • Join a Team
  • Join as a Free Agent (Sign up by yourself, to be placed in a group and meet other Awesome People)
  • Create a Group (Choose your Group Name and the Max Number of players you plan on having)


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