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United Social Sports > Season > Spider Kelly’s – Spring ’13 – Tuesday – Skeeball
Registration price is $45. Registration has been extended til April 11th or until league is full.

Additional Details:

:: This league plays with our Alternate Skeeball Rules ::

That's right folks, Skeeball on Tuesday Nights in Arlington is back for the spring!! This Skeeball league will play at Spider Kelly's.  Spider Kelly's is quickly becoming the areas hottest bar and for good reason, USS now plays there!This fall league will feature weekly games and an end of season tournament. We will play right at the bar so have no fear you can have a drink in hand and play some sweet skeeball.

Leagues will get 6-8 weeks of regular season games and a week for the final Tournament. There will also be a kick @$$ End Of Season Party.  This skeeson teams will receive player t-shirts along with prize giveaways (In Past skeesons United Social Sports gave away Caps tickets, Ipods, and movie passes!) along with an end of Skeeson party with FREE beer and a host of other fun perks.

Thinking about pulling the trigger? Players have 3 awesome options for enjoying the fun…

  • Start your own team (grab 5 to 8 of your coolest friends & pick a clever name)
  • Join with a small group of friends (we will group you with another nifty crowd)
  • Join as an independent player (we will place you with a sweet group that has an open spot)

    Registered Teams & Stats...